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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Don't FROGGET me!

Hello! I am back...after a more than year long silence I am writing because I cannot contain my joy at finding out that my dear frog Gruber has placed first (in a three way tie) in the 1st Annual Blog Frog Contest. My Prince has been recognised for his talent at last! Alas, his new found fame has prompted him to hop off on a world tour leaving me sadly bereft of my green toed friend. But don't worry..he should be back in the next dry season..they always come back - they never frogget where they came from! 'Till then I will stare lovingly at his deserted drain pipe and write weepy froggy poems and keep the flames of amphibious love burning brightly....
"Oh Froggie, froggie where can you be,
The drainpipe stands so E- M- Puh Tee
I'll dream of you
and save you a fly
And watch the rain
with a knowing sigh,
And when the wet season is gone again
You'll return to me, my sticky green friend"
For more Froggie poetry and tales of adventures of the country kind click the link above and go visit Nan. She'll keep you entertained till I get back in blogging mode again.
Night night all!

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Blogger Nan said...

Oh lord, I am laughing like a maniac over that poem! It is the best!

1:27 PM  

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