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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

World's Ugliest Lighthouse!

(Photo (C) The Trinidad Guardian)

"What have they done?" It was all I could utter upon coming into Port of Spain and having my first look at one of our oldest and most popular National Monuments. The second thing I uttered when I regained my ability to speak was "are they out of their minds?"

Early last year (March 2005) I wrote a letter to Berger expressing my concern over the shabby state that the Port of Spain Lighthouse was in. When I saw the scaffolding going up at the end of the year I was pleased that the 'powers that be" were finally going to remedy the situation. Imagine my disappointment upon seeing the results of the 'restoration' work. If there is any distinction we have gained,it is as the owners of the "World's Ugliest Lighthouse". It looks like a CPEP pebble painting project gone wild!

Is this supposed to be a 'gift' to the Nation? If it is..then please take it back! So far everyone I have spoken to has the same opinion of it..they are horrified! Our beloved Lighthouse has been turned into nothing more than an ugly billboard and a national eyesore.

Yes, we love the Soca Warriors and are proud of their achievements, but isn't there a better way to honour them than painting a historic monument like a gaudy candy cane? What next? Shall we be repainting the Red House in a similar fashion? Or what about White Hall?How can anyone consider this to be anything but sacrilege?
Was anyone consulted upon the start of this project? Historians, Conservationists..the general public who has to live with this?? Nearly two hundred years of history obliterated by the swipe of a paintbrush!

Please Berger, give us back our Lighthouse in a more historically correct form and spare us the agony of seeing the monster you have created. The traffic is enough to put up with without the added strain on the eye!

(just adding this here because he wanted me to: "Hi Shane! Goodnight! Go to bed it is late!")


Blogger Pharologist said...

I couldn't agree with you more. My google report on lighthouses brought it to my attention and then a search brought me to your blog. You have to wonder what PR genius came up with this idea. I would like to get some good pictures to put with an article i'll be writing. I enjoyed the letter in January 2nd Trinidad & Tobago Express by MH.

2:29 AM  
Blogger AznTrini said...

Happy New Year! Thank your comment. Yes, I have seen the awful paint job on the Light house. I really thought they were restoring it. I was really surprised by the barber shop look. I understand that we love the soca warriors and we want to thank them but it was really a horrible decision to do what they did. At least get the public's opinion first before they should do that. If you look at the surface of the light house its very very coarse which meant that they didnt not scrape off the old paint properly and they painted over the old paint. Horrible job! Its a disgrace!!! ugh!

2:45 AM  
Anonymous Mum. said...

Dearest Sharon..

I am just your Mum letting you know how much I have enjoyed reading your site....May you continue to look at life so intricately and write of your experiences and observations....always vividly and with a sprinkling of humour...
Congratulations and may you reach many through your musings.

4:37 PM  
Blogger Conners said...

Oh Sharon!!! What HAVE they dome to your lighthouse??? At first I giggled but then thought, wait a minute, this is a monumental bit of history here that has been sabotaged with some kind of expression that a child could do better.
It looked much better in white and I'm an abstract type of person, but restoration means restore, not ribbons or candy canes or whatever is on there.
I hope they repaint it properly so so can all be made proud again.
BTW...good to see you back and you should put on your validator and get rid of this spam.

7:25 PM  

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