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Friday, September 09, 2005

Up Late

Hey out there, I was haunted tonight and up late with nothing to do, so I decided to post on my blogspot. I couldn't believe the cobwebs that had built up! It has been ages since I last made an attempt to post anything on here. Maybe just as well - why torture people unnecessarily! This year has flown by so quickly...soon it will be time to haul out the old Christmas Tree again and ring in another New Year. Funny how time speeds up as you get older, and funny too that, the older you get, the more desperate you become to try to hang on to the days that have gone by. Somehow all those memories seem to become even more precious, and you wonder what became of the young girl who started out with lots of dreams and plans for the future - you don't feel any different but people begin to call you Mam instead of Miss and the face in the mirror grows decidedly more and more like your mother's every day. I often find myself wondering what happened to old school friends. Where are they all now? These people that I spent so many hours with, the friendships we swore would never fade. I find myself hoping that everyone is happy and that some of their dreams have come true, that life has been good to all of them. I find myself searching the net for signs of them...for any trace of our youth, for fragments of good memories we have left behind.

On the flip side, I've also developed a morbid habit of checking the 'Death Announcements' in the newspaper...just to make sure I am not there yet! The bottle of "Oil of Old Age" is starting to exert a strange pull on me..especially after a night out on the town (an occurence where I seem to spend more time desperately trying to stay awake than actually partying!) I remember being a little kid who just could not wait to be 'grownup' - now it seems like I'm racing down a big hill on a bike with no brakes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid of growing fact I hope I do - I want the privelege of boring my grand-kids to death with my stories (and believe me I have a few juicy ones!), I just want to know when things decided to speed up without giving me notice in writing! Who is playing with the clocks of the Universe?

Anyway, all this wondering has finally done the trick and I am now tired. Time to hit the bed before it is time to get up and pack lunch kits and get kids off to school. Will probably delete this when I read it in the morning..full of bad grammar and old cliches due to my zombified state. Night night world. Pleasant dreams.