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Monday, April 04, 2005

Some of my Blessings

It's nearly 11pm and I am back home after a lovely long weekend with my two wonderful children and some very dear friends. We went to Mayaro beach - 4 women and a whole bunch of kids, for a happy time of swimming, scrabble, very large breakfasts and lots of laughs. What would life be without friends? Friends can take many forms..old friends, work friends, friends you can call at 4am, faraway friends and friends you've never even met.I'm going to get back to this blog tomorrow but tonight I wanted to use this space to put a link to the page of a faraway friend whom I've never actually met. Her name is Connie and she is a beautiful soul.about 8 years ago a funny twist of fate led to our 'meeting' in this wide wild place called the world wide web. has been a very dear friend, a confidante, and someone who has never failed to make my life a little brighter with her care and her e-mail. Click the link and step in to her world. (This is not finnished but I am so gosh darned tired I'll be back tomorrow!)
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